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Reasons Behind Under eye wrinkles and Its Cure

by Violet Mccoy

Wrinkles are one of the most worrisome matters of concern in the frequent dermatological cases. Most of the people come to seek advice and permanent solution to this skin condition. It is, however, not possible to avoid wrinkles completely, as it does not appear due to one specific reason. There is a lot of aspects working as responsible agents for wrinkles, such as, pollution, dust, sunlight exposure, extremely hot & cold weather conditions and last but not the least, aging, which, ultimately has no cure. Besides aging, most of the wrinkle-causing aspects can be eradicated or lowered down their magnitude of effect through various cosmetics and anti-aging creams.

The very first precursor of having wrinkles appears in the form of under eye wrinkles, as the area surrounding the eye portion is one of the most sensitive regions of the face part. These regions get affected more quickly and showed up for the further odds of having wrinkles over the rest of the face areas, through the symptoms of under eye folds.

Main Reason of Having Wrinkles

Wrinkles may occur due to various reasons, instead of some commonly known causes. These causes can be enumerated as:

  • Overexposure to the sunlight
  • Continuous contact with air or traffic pollution
  • Due to rain and summer
  • Hot and cold weather conditions
  • Due to prolonged treatment of any disease, followed by harsh medication on consistent basis
  • Tension
  • Unhealthy diet.
  • Not taking ample amount of sleep
  • Wrongful selection of cosmetics, etc.

Prevention and Cure

It would be not possible to treat the wrinkle conditions once for an all and that too, instantly. It takes a proper scheduling of everything associated with the routine life of any individual in a way to treat wrinkles and has younger skin for many years. Some of the key preventive measures and curative methods to avoid and cure this wrinkle sort of evil conditions can be enumerated as:

  1. It is required to avoid direct sunlight over the face area, as the ultraviolet rays of the sun are very harmful and the primary cause of having wrinkles under the eye, as well as, over the entire face.
  2. Tension and sleepless nights or less sleeping is one of the major cause of under eye wrinkles and can be treated through cosmetics having anti-oxidants and moisturizers, followed by proper sleeping hours.
  3. Pollution and weather conditions affect the cells of the skin, due to which skin cells get died. These dead skin cells appear as dark patches and wrinkles over the skin layer. To avoid this, always wear a mask and use a quality face wash after getting back to the residence. A good habit of 3-4 times faces washing would also help in eliminating wrinkle conditions.
  4. Application of good anti-aging cream and moisturizer, containing SPF-30 helps in retaining good skin tone, its softness and wrinkle free skin surface. These anti-aging creams just not retains the tightness and glow of the skin, but also repairs the damaged skin cells from the grass root level and exfoliate dead skin cells as well.

Face Turning Red Is The Symptom Of Blushing

by Violet Mccoy
Face Turning Red Is The Symptom Of Blushing

We cannot live the whole life just sitting inside the house. We have to go outside and meet people. we have to study and work with different people. As a matter of fact, we can make friends only by meeting different people. But some people are shy and they do not want to interact much. They are not social at all because they feel hesitation while meeting with people. The reason they do may be that they blush too much. Face Turning Red is one of the prominent symptoms of blushing. You feel your cheeks warm and the redness on your cheeks.

Face Turning Red

Do Not Fight With Yourself:

You may think that what the problem is if someone blushes and how it can stop anyone from being confident. Well, you are not wrong that blushing is not a problem. But it creates problem for those who blush. Only they can understand how they feel when they know that their face is turning red. But the good news is that you can overcome this problem by paying a little attention towards it. It does not mean at all that you should start thinking that I blush. It means that you should start working on boosting your confidence even if you blush.

Fight with the blushing problem not yourself. You need to understand that you are not less than anyone. You can do many positive things in life. Face Turning Red does not mean that you cannot face people or you should stay backstage. Come on the stage and express your feeling. It is natural to be nervous before a presentation in front of many people. Once you are on stage forget about blushing and nervousness. Just think that you are the best.

Announce Your Blush:

One things that can you help a lot in getting rid of the blush is announcing it. Do not hide that you blush as it reduces your confidence level. When you accept that you blush the other people would not react on your blush. And when they do not react you would not care much about your blushing issue and gradually you will start blushing less. So running away from the problem is not a solution. Face your problem bravely and get rid of it. If you think less about your blush you will not blush.

Keep Yourself Relax:

People blush when they fear that other people will not accept them or they may think ill about them. The fear of being rejected by the people causes the blush. If you do something silly you feel embarrassed and fear that now people will make fun of it. So take things lightly as everyone does the mistakes. The best thing is to learn from the mistakes and never repeat them. So if you do a mistake then do not think that it is the end of everything. Keep enjoying the event and highlight your mistake by yourself. It will help you to blush less.